About the Project
The Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives program, the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot and the surrounding community worked together to select a munitions destruction method: neutralization followed by biotreatment.
Neutralization Followed by Biotreatment
Neutralization followed by biotreatment uses pressurized hot water and biosludge to effectively destroy the mustard agent molecules.
After a munition is washed out, the resulting products are hydrolysate, which is mostly water, and thiodiglycol, a common industrial chemical that is readily biodegradable. Ordinary sewage treatment bacteria, also known as microbes, consume the organics in the hydrolysate. The biotreatment process is similar to the methods used in sewage treament facilities across the country.
Explosive Destruction System
The Explosive Desctrutive System (EDS) is reserved for leaking or problematic munitions whose deteriorated physical condition does not easily allow for automated processing. In this process, charges are attached to up to six munitions at a time and are detonated in order to open each munition for neutralization.
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