Experience Modification Rate (EMR) An adjustment to the workers' compensation experience.  An experience modifier of 1.00 is the expected average for a given company and reflects the cost of losses expected for a contractor that employs the various trades.   
Hurdle Rates A number that is set for the upper limits of each evaluation item.  
Evaluation Items EMR, IR (recordable Incident Rate), LTIR (Lost Time Incident Rate)   
Incident Rate The number of injuries, illnesses, or lost workday cases related to a common exposure base enables one to make accurate industry comparisons, trend analysis, overtime, or comparisons among firms regardless of size.  This rate is calculated as (N x 200,000) / EH   

 where N=

number of recordable injuries and/or illnesses or lost workday cases 

EH =

total hours worked by all employees during calendar year

200,000 =

base for 100 full-time equivalent employees (working 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year)
Safety Rating Status  Rating given to a potential bidder or actual bidder after review of the company's Experience Modification Rate (EMR), Incident Rate (IR), and Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR).  The EMR, IR and LTIR Hurdle Rates are as follows:  
  Type of Status EMR IR LTIR  
  Preferred 0.88 or lower 3.50 or lower 2.50 or lower  
  Qualified 1.00 or lower 7.50 or lower 4.00 or lower  
  Probationary 1.00 or lower 13.50 or lower 5.60 or lower  

Preferred Status

The desirable level of performance in safety for a company to be included on a Bidder's List, invited to bid, and awarded a subcontract to perform work on Bechtel projects.

Qualified Status

The second choice.  Companies with a Qualified Status Rating may not be included on a Bidders List or awarded a subcontract without prior evaluation and approval by Bechtel Environmental Safety & Health (BESH).

Probationary Status

The third choice.  Companies with a Probationary Status safety rating are unacceptable and should be excluded from bidding on Bechtel projects.  However, there may be circumstances when it is necessary.  BESH must evaluate and approve the company, and the Site Construction Manager must provide written approval before the bid is issued.  If you company falls in to this category, please contact the project Supplier Advocate for further assistance.